SG906 PRO 2 Xinlin X193 CST X7 Pro2 RC drone with 1 battery and portable bag RTF

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ZLRC SG906 Pro 2 GPS Drone with Wifi FPV 4K Camera Three-axis anti-shake Gimbal Brushless Professional Quadcopter Drone Xinlin X193 CSJ X7 Pro2

Package Included:

1 x RC Drone
1 x Remote control
1 x Carry Bag
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Body Battery
1 x USB charger cable
1 x Replacement propellers (set)
1 x User manual

Function & Features:

1.GPS return to start point and point with low power and no signal.
2.GPS Smart following: After the plane left the GPS, it will open the APP following function, and the plane will follow the mobile phone. In addition, Image Following: Detect the shooting object and follow the flight automatically.
3.Gesture photography and recognition: Within 1-3m of the plane, make photographic gesture / photographic gesture in front of the camera.
4.Route multi-point planning flight: the plane autonomously fly after the pre-set route, the player focuses on shooting.
5.Fixed-point surround: Find the center of the surround, and then move the desired surround radius through the rocker.
6.Track and remind the drone: Click on the GPS signal icon three times, open the map interface, the map shows the closing distance of the aircraft, length and latitude position.
7.Photo and Video Sharing: Photos can be shared individually or selectively, and videos can only be shared one by one at a time.
8.Function: Foldable, One key start, One key landing, Hold height, Optical flow constant, Double camera, Wifi connect, APP control, Gesture photo, Gesture recording, Inteigent IPP Next, Following me mode, PalmControl (to bottom left right), away point flight, points of interest, speed control, real-time transmission, MV picture and video sharing, GPS home return.


Product name: Beast SG906 PRO 2 GPS Brushless Quadcopter Drone
Product Color: Black
Product size: 28.3x25.3x7cm (before folding) 17.4x8.4x7cm (after folding)
Positioning system: GPS / GLONASS dual-mode positioning Brushless motor model: 1806, 3-axis anti-shake Gimbal
Life time: 7.6V 3400 mah about 26min
Charging time: about 6hours
Remote control distance: about 1200m
Transmission distance: about 600-800m
Remote control height: about 120m
Gesture recognition shooting: 1-3m
Wifi frequency: 5G
Camera resolution: 4096 * 3072 (APP) 4096 * 3072 (TF), Video resolution: 2048 * 1080 (APP), 2048 * 1080 (TF)
Camera memory: up to 32G
Transmission frame rate: 25fps

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